Strategic Plan

Achieving Outstanding


This Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019 ‘Achieving Outstanding Academies’ outlines the goals and targets  of the The Thrive Partnership Academy Trust over the next three years.

The Strategic Plan:

  • Shares and defines the vision of the Strategic Board for the next three years
  • Expands on the Trust’s strategic objectives
  • Defines the key goals and performance measures that will demonstrate  our successes and the success of the academies
  • Explains how we will track opportunities and risks in a continually changing environment
  • Builds upon the individual academy successes already achieved.

Underpinning the Strategic Plan will be a Business Plan along with financial, marketing and school improvement plans. These plans will be tracked through the year by the Executive Arm of the Trust which will, in turn, report to the Trust Board.

Strategic Plan

  • Key elements of our vision

    We will:

    • Rapidly become an academy trust with a national and international voice
    • Establish academies and schools that are centres of excellence for leadership, teaching and learning and are flagships and centres of learning for other academies and schools
    • Be driven by a moral purpose to transform opportunities and change life chances of children and young people who live in challenging times as well as challenging places.
    • Work in partnership with learners, their families, communities and businesses, to raise aspirations, foster great expectations and achieve ambitious goals
  • Vision: Every child deserves to be the best they can be

    Our vision is to establish primary, secondary and special academies that are centres of excellence for leadership and teaching, learning and where pupils are safe and engaged in their learning. The Trust is driven by the moral purpose of making a significant difference in areas where failure has been ingrained and ambitions stunted.

  • The first three years

    The Thrive Partnership Academy Trust has chosen to focus on two important principles, all academies working towards outstanding and this being achieved at pace. It has carefully worked on embedding systems and processes in order to have the solid foundations upon which it can take the next step in its growth.

Strategic Objectives


Our MAT will achieve its vision through focusing on four strategic objectives that will be reviewed and measured annually:

Objective 1: Build a strong infrastructure in the Multi Academy Trust to support the drive for outstanding academies and increase the number of sponsored academies, converting academies and Free Schools within the MAT in order to raise the standards of educational attainment across the system and be recognised as a trust that provides robust leadership able to make improvements at a pace.

Growth 2016 – 2019

2016-2017: Two founder Academies

2017-2018: a minimum of two further Academies to include a lead Primary Academy

2018-2019: a minimum of two further Academies, to include a Free School in Colchester

The Trust will welcome both primary and secondary academies.

The Trust envisages welcoming schools and sponsoring schools within the Eastern Region and in geographical areas that can readily be reached to offer both timely physical and remote support and challenge.

Before any school joins the Trust, Directors will ensure that due diligence takes place and that the Trust has the capacity to add significant value to the institution that it supports and that any growth of the Trust would not be detrimental to the existing academies within the Trust.

Objective 2: Raise attainment and improve progression 
Secondary academies
From 2017, all The Thrive Partnership Academies will exceed national standards for Progress 8 and for Attainment 8.

Narrowing the Gap
Pupil premium funding will be used to have the greatest impact through a series of intervention strategies in order to close the gap between disadvantaged children and young people and others in all our academies and Free Schools.
All academies will be judged good or better by the sixth term of opening, or from the first OFSTED  inspection after that period of time. All academies will be judged outstanding following their second inspection.

Objective 3: Supporting excellent standard of teaching and learning

All teaching graded consistently ‘good’ with at least 40% outstanding teaching in all our academies and free schools within 3 years of opening.

Objective 4: Ensure strong leadership and governance

The trust Board, working in partnership with the executive will:

  • have a clear vision and ethos
  • provide strong strategic direction
  • be ambitious and achieve strong governance that will transform our academies and schools building effective partnerships with parents, communities, businesses and other stakeholders
  • strengthen professional leadership by appointing outstanding leaders appropriate to the challenge. All senior and middle leadership in our Multi academy should be judged outstanding against the OFSTED Framework within three years of opening
  • hold academy leaders and governors accountable for high standards of education and safeguarding against clear benchmarks and performance measures
  • ensure that resources, within a constrained financial environment, are used in the most effective way


The Thrive Partnership Academy Board will hold the ‘Executive’  (CEO EP,EBD) accountable for high standards against clear benchmarks and performance measures to:

  • ensure all children and young people are educated in a safe environment where their well-being and personal development are of the highest regard
  • secure progress and attainment at a pace in all key benchmarks
  • ensure solvency and probity
  • ensure compliance with statutory regulations; and
  • engage stakeholders.

We believe that this also means smaller, more focused governance backed by the right information, incentives, interventions and innovations, with the members working at a strategic level.

The Trust Board will review progress against these four strategic objectives through its reporting structure.  There will also be an annual review and any changes emanating from that will be reflected in the business, financial and marketing plans.

How will we do it?

Key Elements of our approach

  • Strong leadership that transforms the culture
  • The pursuit of excellence is demonstrated by an uncompromising and successful drive for improvement in the leadership and management of teaching, learning and progression
  • Recognising the role of teachers and developing them
  • Excellent governance that challenges, supports and holds to account
  • Outstanding teaching and pedagogical knowledge
  • Confident independent learners
  • A broad and balanced curriculum that has expert knowledge and individual needs at its core
  • High aspirations and expectations of all who work in our academies and schools that every pupil is able to succeed
  • A ‘no excuses’ behaviour policy
  • Secure and effective partnerships with parents/carers, businesses and the local community

The MAT will use the skills resources and expertise of its key partner,   the coast2 coast Teaching School Alliance.  It will work in partnership with outstanding schools and outstanding leaders in order to learn from their outstanding practice.  It will also work with relevant partnerships to bring about sustainable and lasting transformation in those academies and schools that are underperforming.

We intend to cluster our academies and schools together in geographical areas in order to ensure that the key elements are in place to share best practice and to improve progress and raise standards of attainment of our pupils and students. Through this approach we, and our partners, can offer specialist capacity, capability and support to drive improvements where necessary. Many of our partner schools are led by National Leaders of Education with track records in turning failing schools around.

Coast2coast TSA is our school improvement provider and it  has a strong track record of providing highly effective school improvement expertise at a pace, using  practice from outstanding schools to raise standards and improve progress in underperforming schools.

What will this look like?

We set high expectations for our leaders and teachers to support and stretch every child to ensure they make excellent progress and build the skills, knowledge and attributes that will prepare them well for secondary school and beyond.

We will:

  • ensure all pupils are educated in a safe environment and their personal well-being is held in high regard
  • drive up the educational  outcomes of pupils in the academies
  • raise the aspirations and expectations of all staff, pupils and parents in our academies
  • recruit and develop high caliber leaders and managers of our academies who can instill a pride and confidence in the community served by the academy
  • offer an outstanding educational experience for all the pupils in its academies

Pupil’s/ students can expect:

  • Learning that inspires and fosters curiosity,
  • An education that develops well-rounded individuals
  • Access to a range of experiences that challenge and enhance skills, talents and aptitudes
  • High expectations that lead to high pupil achievement
  • An aspiration for each of them that fosters the development of strong ambitions

Senior staff, teachers, support staff and governors can expect:
An opportunity to work and develop in an academy and group of academies that will become beacons of excellence

  • An Academy that is both challenged and supported by the Trust to achieve consistently high standards for all the pupils
  • Opportunities to grow and develop as outstanding leaders and teachers and support staff that have the best opportunities available to develop a range of specialisms through high quality bespoke professional development
  • Access to high quality School Improvement expertise through the coast2coast TSA

Parents can expect:
A high quality education that meets the needs and extends the potential of all pupils in the academy, which values every child and aims to boost their self-confidence.

  • A commitment that parents will be informed in a timely manner about their child’s attendance, progress, attainment and well-being.
  • A sponsor that will develop parents/careers as active partners in their child’s progress, and will provide them with resources and a toolkit to perform this role successfully.

Communities can expect:

  • An academy that is an engine for regeneration, a learning resource, and at the centre of the community of which they can be proud.
  • A community hub that meets the needs and aspirations of the community.

Why are we doing this?

Our MAT wants to make a difference to all groups of children, especially the disadvantaged children who are the most vulnerable in our society.

This will be achieved for all pupils/ students by:

  • Having an educational experience that will deliver better life chances
  • Making rapid and sustained progress, gaining knowledge and understanding quickly and in depth
  • Acquiring and applying skills and expertise that prepare them well for the next stage of their educational journey
  • Learning exceptionally well in all areas of the national curriculum and having high levels of enthusiasm and a thirst for learning
  • Being inspired by excellent role models who are leaders in their academies
  • Being resilient and independent and able to tackle challenging tasks with confidence and determination
  • Having excellent attitudes, understanding the importance of behaviour in a range of social situations
  • Understanding how to keep themselves and others safe
  • Having an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and successes through the use of appropriate awards

View Ofsted report

View Ofsted report

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